Difficult times call for Stringent Measures! UP & Delhi to be under stricter Lockdown!

As we move closer towards 14th April, the date when a lot of people are expecting the lockdown will be lifted, confirmed COVID-19 cases have risen up to 9152 in India. There are several reasons for that, primarily being the Nizamuddin Tablighi Jamaat Markaz. The main danger from the Markaz is that the people got infected in March, and then spread all around the country. Now without taking any precautions, they came in contact with people all over. As the Government has started testing cases related to people who visited the Tablighi Jamaat, the number of positive cases has risen. Lockdown in UP & Delhi was already monitored strictly, but the Governments in both the regions have decided to implement some more restrictions in certain areas.(COVID-19 Hotspots in 15 Districts).

As per the Health Ministry, the country was still under stage 2. The virus was not getting transmitted in communities. But the Nizamuddin Markaz incident has breached that mark. So to keep the citizens of his state safe, the Honorable Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adityanaath on 8th April 2020 announced that stringent lockdown measure to be imposed in 15 districts of UP. These districts have shown a constant rise in the number of confirmed cases. Following suit, Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has also announced a list of hotspots where lockdown would be enforced.

15 Districts of UP Where Lockdown due to Coronavirus to be Imposed with Number of Hotspots:

  • Gautam Budh Nagar (Noida) – 12
  • Lucknow – 12
  • Meerut – 7
  • Agra – 22
  • Kanpur – 12
  • Varanasi – 4
  • Shamli – 3
  • Bareily – 1
  • Bulandshahr – 3
  • Firozabad – 3
  • Maharjganj – 4
  • Sitapur – 1
  • Saharanpur – 4
  • Basti – 3
  • Ghaziabad – 13

Hotspots Identified in Noida by the UP Administration

HotspotHome Delivery Store
Sector 41Akram – 9599424382
Hyde ParkDeepak Bhati – 9716870001
Supertech CapetownDeepak Bhati – 9716870001
Lotus BoulevardDeepak Bhati – 9716870001
Alpha-1, Gr. NoidaMoh. Tarik Anil – 9891020555, 9654207462
Nirala Green ShireImaran – 8800257753, 9871524786
Patwari VillageImaran – 8800257753, 9871524786
Logix Blossom CountyKale Choudhry – 9711361790
Paras TierraKale Choudhry – 9711361790
Wazidpur VillageKale Choudhry – 9711361790
ATS Dolce Zeta-1Sanjay Raju – 9540978777, 9911451100
ACE Golf Shire SocietyKale Choudhry – 9711361790
Sector 27Viseem Subodh Imran – 9835969105
Sector 28Viseem Subodh Imran – 9835969105
Omicron-3Anuj – 7835969105
Mehak ResidencyMangeram Sharma – 9958978331
JayPee WishtownSomdutt Saini – 9756566060
Sector 44Mangeram Sharma – 9958978331
Vishnoi VillageKhalid Khan – 9069268425
Sector 37Somdutt Saini – 9756566060
Ghodi Bacheda VillageSomdutt Saini – 9756566060
Stellar MI Omicron 3Anuj – 7835969105
Palm OlympiaDeepak Bhati – 9716870001
Chauda VillageRahul – 9810768657
Grand OmaxeKale Choudhry – 9711361790
JJ ColonySalman – 9711473261
Sector 8Salman – 9711473261
Designer ParkSalman – 9711473261
Source: Times of India

Hotspots Identified in Delhi by the Government

  1. Entire affected street near Gandhi Park, Malviya Nagar.
  2. Shahajahanabad Society, Plot no 1, Dwarka Sector 11.
  3. Entire affected street of Gali no. 6, L1, Sangam Vihar.
  4. Dinpur Village
  5. Markaz & Nizamuddin Basti
  6. B Block, Jhangirpuri
  7. H. No. 141 to 180, Gali no. 14, Kalyanpuri.
  8. Mansara Apartments, Vasundhara Enclave.
  9. 3 streets of Khichirpur.
  10. Gali no. 9, Pandav Nagar
  11. Nizamuddin West – G & D Block
  12. Vardhaman Apartments, Mayur Vihar Phase – 1 Extension
  13. Mayurdhwaj Apartments, IP Extension, Patparganj.
  14. Gali no. 4, from H. No. J-3/115 (Nagar Dairy) to H. No. J-3/108 (towards Anarwali Masjid Chowk), Kishan Kunj Extension.
  15. Gali no. 4, from H. No. J-3/101 to J-3/107, Krishan Kunj Extension.
  16. Gali no. 5, A Block, from H. No. A-176 to A-189, West Vinod Nagar.
  17. J, K, L & H Pockets, Dilshad Garden
  18. G, H, J Blocks , Old Seemapuri
  19. House No. F-70 to 90, Dilshad Colony
  20. Pratap Khand, Jhilmil Colony

As per the current lockdown conditions, the government had allowed Essentials shops to be open from 7 am to 10 am. Essentials included dairy, grocery, vegetables, and medicines.

Under the special UP lockdown, this relaxation would be revoked. No shops would be allowed to operate and people would be requested to stay indoors at all times.

To control panic, the government would be getting essentials delivered to people. People working in the production of essential items will be allowed to work. For them, special vehicles would be allotted to take them from their home to their workplace and back.

Apart from medical and non-medical staff working at the hospitals and people working at banks, nobody else would be allowed to travel. Authorities had issued passes allowing people to travel during the lockdown, these passes would be reassessed!

Neighbourhoods are being sanitised rigorously. This lockdown condition would stay till April 15th, 2020 from 8th April 2020.

People have shown a lot of solidarity till now and India is doing comparatively better than other nations. If they abide and support the government in these measures, then it will be for the best!

Information Source: Times of India

Let us know your take on lockdown via comments!

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  1. I read an article on Reddit straightening the number of cases in Noida equal to 61 and rising. This is a very serious matter and the steps taken by the government is absolutely right, and we need to support them. Because this disease has no cure and is very contagious. If we could not control this we might also end up in a situation like Italy, America, Spain. This Pandemic has brought the world to its knees, and its the war of survival. Those who will survive can help the world and economy to recover.

    1. I agree with you its now or never. Let’s stay at home and support the government to win this battle.

      1. It’s not just the government, it’s the battle everyone is fighting. So give a pat on the back to yourself too, for following precautions.

    2. Very well said Amit. There is no need to loose hope though, Medical Science is quite advance, and with China showing signs of improvement, there is a good signal that things would improve fast. Research and Manufacture industries are coming up with faster ways to test for the virus and it isn’t long the vaccination for the same would be out. Till then, stay hopeful, keep smiling and make sure that you follow precautions.

  2. This is not a problem for rich and poor. Government is looking after the poors and Rich can take-care of themselves. Majority of people who are struggling are from the middle class or the students who got stranded due to this immediate lockdown. They might be facing a real crisis but are not in situation to share with anyone. So, I feel we should take a step to help them as well, because this a long battle and we can only win this if we support each other.

    1. That is a valid point Adheer. The government policies are usually designed so that they can be tracked and easily implementation. Moreover, during this time, there is little government can do to set-up other new agencies. That is why the care packages are directed towards the poor as they can directly be associated to schemes launched by Government earlier. It would be through these schemes, like rations cards, bank accounts opened under the Prime Minister’s scheme, that people would be able to reap benefits. As for the middle class, the government is working with NGO’s, has issued advisory to private sector companies, is trying to work on relaxations towards their expenditures and coming up with policies to ease distribution and controlling prices. Additional policies are expected from the Government in the next few weeks, so hopefully, there would be some relief to the middle class and students also.